Learn Hebrew in a fun way– through Israeli songs!

Listen to songs, practice the words and phrases together, and speak Hebrew!

I'm excited to tell you about my new initiative: a workshop of Ten sessions to learning Hebrew in a fun way using Israeli songs! In this workshop--which will be offered at two different levels--you will hear, sing (if you want), and learn new words using songs, and we will use these words right away in conversation. And don't worry: you don't need to be a good singer!

Gila Efrati, the founder of Mifgashim Bivrit, runs the "Learning Hebrew Through Israeli Songs" workshop.

Music (Facebook Post)

Please join me for a FREE demo about the next workshop on Monday, August 19 at 6 for the beginners and 7 for more advanced.

Contact me here to get the link.

What's included in the ten-week workshop

  • Listening to different songs each week
  • Using the words, phrases, and idioms from the songs to have conversations together
  • Learning about the stories behind the songs
  • Making connections to the history and culture of Israel
  • Meeting online in small groups 
  • Each week, you will get the song for the next Mifgash - meeting so that you can listen to it.
  • You will get a template for a notebook for our meetings.  

We are not recording the meetings. Sorry.


Your teacher 

Gila Efrati is a native Israeli who has been teaching Hebrew to adults and children for almost 20 years in the US. Gila loves music and sang in Israel on different occasions. She also used to play violin, saxophone, and guitar. Listen to what Gila's students say about her classes.

Don't miss the FREE demo about the next workshop on Learning Hebrew with Israeli Songs, on December 13th.

Contact me here to get the link.